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As a Strategic, multidisciplinary Mortgage Advisor & Mortgage Coach with an eye for innovation and Loan perfection. I’ve worked the spectrum of clients (VA, FHA, First Time buyers, Conforming & Non-Conforming to name a few) and although my skill set is vast, my greatest expertise revolve in the worlds of Educating/Consulting when it comes to your Real Estate. My wish is to combine my knowledge and experience in these areas, to deliver the best creative Fiscal Literacy to allow my clients make smarter decisions with their Money. I have a strong personal following of over 2k past clients and 1000's of Blog, Twitter & Biz Facebook subscribers.
I also love coffee!


I like to educate my clients as well as give them the best service possible. This includes instructing them on what to do, and also what not to do.

What NOT to Do During the Home Buying Process
  1. Don't change or terminate your employment: At the tail end of every transaction we will call your employer to verify that you are still working. Even if you're stuck in a bad situation at work, it's best to persevere because you will be faced with double the problems if you quit or change jobs. However, if you absolutely must quit, be sure to tell us about it because we will do our best to work out a plan for you. Avoid this because it causes nightmares for us as well as for you.
  2. Don't Apply for New Credit: You want to avoid new inquiries from showing up on your credit report because this is always a red flag to us and we will have to address these issues. This will only prolong the buying process, which will only cost both us and you time and money.
  3. Don't Purchase Major New Items: When you're buying a home, you don't need to be buying a new car or boat as well. Not only will this strain your finances, but it will also affect your credit score. Wait until you settle your larger financials with us and then go ahead and buy yourself a new car or whatever it is that you desire.
  4. Don't Shift Money Between Accounts: When we look at your bank statements and see large amounts of money transferred or deposited into various accounts, we have to trace every single one of those transactions. Sometimes this can be unavoidable, but it's best not to do this when it is not necessary. It makes our job more difficult which will slow the process of your purchase and cost you more time and money.


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